Plant MT Advocacy Seeds for the Future

A question for you, music therapist colleagues– how did you come to know about music therapy for the first time?

I knew the term “music therapy” and the field has existed for a long time, but didn’t really know about it in a more concrete way until Side By Side- My First Music Therapy Moment happened.

Recently I had a chance to think about this question a little differently.

Do you think how many young students may know about music therapy as a career choice? Maybe a lot, but maybe not…

A few months ago, a local music store owner asked me if I am interested in presenting about music therapy for middle school students. Thompson School District in Loveland, CO has an integrated art program for K-12 students.  This optional program is for students who are passionate about learning through the arts including music.  So, I was invited to present on music therapy as a career for the students in the program.

My answer was:  Heck ya!

Music therapists encounter so many different situations to answer to this question “What is Music Therapy?”  Yet the question tends to come from adult audiences.  So, I was excited to share about my passion = music therapy with younger students.

They looked (and sounded) all excited to know about music therapy and participated in body drumming experience and also learned how some NMT techniques can be used for some conditions 🙂

Advocacy comes in so many different shapes. This advocacy opportunity was like planting “MT advocacy” seeds for the future. I will have another opportunity in spring to give a talk at a local high school. I hope these seeds will continue to grow somewhere and beget other seeds in turn!

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