New beginning!

September… already.

Well, for me it has been the wildest 9 months I have ever spent. Since we had our daughter in January, things have been dramatically changed… all in good directions.

Beside our baby’s arrival, another big change is that we moved back to Washington in July. I briefly went back to work after my maternity leave in Colorado, but I have been focusing on spending time with the baby since we moved back.

While she is napping/sleeping, I have been slowly prepping for relaunching my practice in the area. One more big change is that I decided to change my practice name.

So, today I would like to make an announcement of relaunching my music therapy practice in Washington called…







I liked the name MusiClinic for my practice.  Despite many people have complimented about the creative naming (thank you for your idea, hubby 🙂 and as much as I may get sentimental about my first music therapy practice name, I decided to change it with my new beginning.

Now…, what should I choose for a new name?  I want it to be simple and easily remembered.  Plus, I wanted to add a local touch to it this time. That brought down to a few choices and I liked “Puget Sound” because it has a nice ring to it.  The name implies the entire area I may serve even if my central location may end up moving from one place to the other in the region.

I am SO excited about the opportunities that this name may bring!  I will also share about my daily attempts of  being a mom, wife, therapist, and self!! Please visit my website and send me with any feedback– I’d LOVE to hear from you!