When You Talk About Music Therapy… “R”oll Your Tongue!

The other day I realized that there are many words starting with “R” that describes the essential traits of music in music therapy.

3034468639_a79e035565_bHere is a summary of the major 6 traits that music can provide in therapy contexts.

RHYTHM, which helps to create regularity in our activities such as movements, physiological responses like breathing, and information processing patterns.

REPETITIONS to maximize the effect of therapeutic exercises or practice because structural nature of music creates an efficient and effective template that provides sufficient opportunities to repeat what s/he is working on. Therefore…

REWIRE neural connections to enhance neuroplasticity!

REMINISCE to brighten our days and increase social engagement through interactive music experience

REDIRECT our focus away from unpleasant feelings or sensations

REWARD to release dopamine, a chemical to control the rewarding and pleasure center of the brain.

Can you think of any other words starting with R to describe the important traits of music in therapy?

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